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Hemsedal Skisenter
- 53 slopes and 21 lifts  

Hemsedal Skisenter is the second biggest ski resort in Norway. It opened in year 1961 and have been host for junior world championship in 1991 and several world cup events. The ski area consist of three main peaks. Longest slope 6 km. Total height difference of 810 meters.  

solheisen-kart 2.webp

- 6 slopes and 3 lifts  

Solheisen skisenter is situated 11 km from Hemsedal centrum. Solheisen offer the whole family a friendly and less crowdy atmosphere. At snowfall Solheisen have good and efficient offpist and easy access ski touring from the top of the lift.
For the touring entusiast the top of Solheisen is a good start for ski touring to tops like Harahorn, Kvitingane and Holsteintind.
Solheisen in general have more sun the Hemsedal skisenter since it’s located north-east.
On windy days Solheisen is also a good alternative since it’s less exposed from the strong winds from west. Total height difference of 307 meters.  

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